One of the most common medical issues that people start dealing with growing age is the lower back pain. Although it starts with a bearable amount of pain that gets better with rest, there are situations when the pain becomes unbearable and you have no choice but to consult the experts to recover from it completely.

One of the most common medical issues that people start dealing with growing age is the lower back pain. Although it starts with a bearable amount of pain that gets better with rest, there are situations when the pain becomes unbearable and you have no choice but to consult the experts to recover from it completely.

There are many reasons which can potentially cause lower back pain problem. Some people have to deal with such issues due to accidental injuries as well. Be it the lack of rest we give to our body or the negligent lifestyle that all of us are a part of, it is very important to find out the main reason that is causing lower back pain and then starts looking for a treatment. In addition, rather than trying different strategies and exercises to get rid of the pain on your own or relying completely on the painkillers, it is advisable to consult a specialist or therapist. These professionals know exactly what has to be done for different back pain problems and thus would design a treatment plan for you accordingly.

We at Strategic Physical Therapy will help you get rid of the chronic back pain with the latest and most effective lower back pain treatment in floral park, NY. With a team of qualified and expert professionals, we offer a variety of treatment plans and healing sessions that help you in recovering from your long and persistent lower back pain problems. We use the latest equipment which is specially designed keeping in mind the needs of the patients. Since we primarily focus on lower back pain treatment methodologies that are pain-free and completely conventional, you would see the results as soon as you start taking the sessions.



In spite of different types of treatments available these days, there are many cases where surgery is the only possible option. For all those who think that surgery is the last step of treatment of any kind of medical problem, they should also understand that certain medical therapies and physical therapy sessions are also very important in this process. In the case when you do not take these sessions, you could suffer from problems where joints do not move properly, become stiff and painful or completely immobile with time. Although providing these sessions is a part of the treatment that your doctor should provide, if there is no such provision offered to you, opt for the professional therapists or centers that provide preoperative rehabilitation in Floral Park NY and post-operative rehab in Floral Park NY depending on the diagnosis done for your condition.

If you are too are looking for a center that provides pre and post fracture rehab in Floral Park, NY, Strategic Physical therapy is the best option to consider. We at Strategic Physical therapy, offer a variety of treatments and services related to fracture rehabilitation in Floral Park, NY. The professional therapists at our centers do a deeper diagnosis of your medical condition and then provide you a treatment that will help you in getting relieved from the pain and thus returning to the normal body movements and normal life very soon. Along with providing the conventional treatments, we also offer a variety of self-help and pain management sessions to our patients. These sessions are very helpful for those people who cannot spare sufficient time to visit the centers time and again and have almost recovered from their medical condition.


Frozen shoulder is a common term used for adhesive capsulitis. This term is basically associated with problems like reduced or no movement, stiffness and pinching pain in the shoulder. There are many reasons that cause a frozen shoulder, but it mainly happens because of injury, over-exertion or medical conditions like heart attack, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Although frozen shoulder generally looks like a side effect of these problems, it can get serious if not taken care of at the initial level. In addition, people also tend to develop a frozen shoulder with the growing age or after some surgery.

At the initial level, people often take painkillers as a part of treatment. But if you cannot find any relief from the problem even after medications, seek a frozen shoulder treatment in Floral Park, NY from the therapy centers. These professionals diagnose the main cause of the problem and then offer different types of therapeutic treatments to the patients for their complete recovery.

Strategic Physical Therapy is known for offering the best in class frozen shoulder treatment in Floral Park. We have a team of professionals who are highly reputed in their work and know exactly what it takes to treat the patients suffering from serious medical conditions. We are equipped with the best amenities that provide the best rehab facilities to our patients and treat all kinds of simple and complex medical conditions that the patients suffer from. Apart from providing the basic level of treatment at highly affordable rates, our therapists also offer a variety of health tips and suggestions that help the patients in preventing these types of medical conditions in the future. With regular treatment and exercises, the problem of the frozen shoulder would eventually go away with time.
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With growing age, many people start suffering from the hip and buttock pain. In the majority of the cases, the hip pain is caused due to external factors and can be easily treated through simple ways like exercise, massages, and other conventional treatments. However, in contrast to this, there are some rare situations where the pain arises due to certain medical issues, abnormalities or even accidents and injuries caused externally and in the nerves in the hip and buttock region. Sciatica and Piriformis are two of the most common medical conditions resulting from hip and buttock pain that the patients are often diagnosed with.

​ There are a variety of conventional and non-conventional treatments that are provided to the patients suffering from hip and buttock pain at Strategic Physical Therapy. After, the diagnosis of the exact problem that you are suffering from, our therapists would design special treatment plans for you and thus treat you in a way that your recovery is quick and effective. These treatment and wellness centers offer various treatments like ultrasound, massages, muscle stimulation using heat, EMS, etc. In addition to this, there are various surgical and therapeutic treatments as well that are used to cure more serious problems related to the hip and buttock pain.

​ In spite of doing everything, if you are still not able to help yourself in dealing with this pain, contact us at Strategic Physical Therapy today and our experts would not just diagnose your problem in the most effective manner, but would also make sure that you get the best treatment at the most affordable prices. If you feel that you have consistent pain in the hip and buttock region get yourself diagnosed by professionals who provide hip and buttock pain treatment in Floral Park. ​


Our knees are one of the most important joints in the body and somehow they have the responsibility to take all the weight and pressure on the body while we are sitting, standing, running or doing any kind of physical activity. Due to all this, the knees often are over-rummaged and thus knee injuries are caused. These injuries can be the temporary ones like ligament stretch or wear and tear of the muscles around the knee. But in case you meet with an accident and injure your knee, it is important to go for the treatments for knee injury rehabilitation in Floral Park, NY.

There are different types of Knee injury rehabilitation programs that are chosen by the professionals to treat the patients depending upon the type and stage of knee injury they have. There is a combination of procedures that are followed to remove the immobility of the knee post injury and make it work as normally as it used to earlier. This includes massages, exercises, stretches, bracing, balancing and hardcore physical activities. The therapist would begin with the initial level of simple practices along with certain medications and pain killers and then gradually push you towards harder therapies and treatments.

Strategic Physical Therapy is one of the best and most reliable knee injury rehabs in Floral Park, NY. We have a team of most experienced and qualified professionals holding expertise in various areas and treat you in the best possible way as per your condition. Our expert diagnosis and effective treatment plans and therapies are not just effective but will help you find a permanent solution to your problems, injuries, and persistent aches within a very short span of time.


Be it the long working hours or our habits to stare on the laptop and mobile screens all day and night long, the very first effect of these habits is visible when all this starts taking a toll on our body. After eyes, neck and the shoulders are next body parts in the list that are badly damaged. At the initial level, we tend to ignore the pain, citing it as an effect of sleeping in a wrong position or something like a muscle pull. But if you are dealing with these issues repeatedly and in spite of all the efforts, there is no improvement, it is time to consider seeking some professional help.

Neck pain and shoulder pain are somehow related to each other and there can be ample internal and external reasons behind this pain. However, to find a solution for permanent neck and shoulder pain relief, it is important that you consult a therapist. They would diagnose your problem by using the right tools and techniques and then help you recover from this problem. Although some of the common reasons that cause neck and shoulder pain include poor posture, abnormalities in the joints, etc. However, in certain cases, there are other reasons like tumors, generative disorders, etc. that can make the problem grow internally to an extent that surgical treatments are the only possible cure.

Strategic Physical Therapy offers the best neck and shoulder pain treatment in Floral Park, NY. Our professional team holds a lot of experience in treating patients suffering from different types of neck and shoulder pain problems. Our center is equipped with the latest technology that treats the patients in the most feasible manner to gain best outcomes possible


There are situations when surgery cannot be avoided and therefore to make sure that the results of surgeries turn out to be the way they are expected, pre and post fracture orthopedic rehabilitation is advised. These services related to post fracture orthopedic rehabilitation in Floral Park, NY is provided by many therapists. These services make sure that the patient does not have to deal with post-surgical problems like limited motion, pain, weakness or loss of sensation.

There are a variety of treatments and therapy session providers that a patient can choose from depending upon their needs. Some of the basic cases where these services of post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation in Floral Park, NY, come in handy include, shoulder, knee, hip or any kind of joint replacement, spine surgeries, reconstruction of ligaments, etc. since these sessions are very important, it is advisable that you seek professional help only from those therapists or chiropractors who have a considerable amount of experience in treating such patients. Strategic Physical therapy is known for its post-operative orthopedic rehab in Floral Park, NY and provides the best services in Floral Park.

Strategic Physical therapy adheres by all the local and international standard and protocols to make sure that our patients get the best treatment and rehab facilities at the most affordable rates. We have a team of therapists holding advanced medical degrees and qualifications in relevant areas to treat a different kind of patients seeking services for post-fracture orthopedic rehab in Floral Park NY. We offer a huge variety of services and treatment plans that the patients can either choose on their own or go to options as suggested by our therapists after intense diagnosis of the patient.
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Due to the lack of knowledge, people misunderstand sciatica as a medical disease of condition but it is a symptom which is serious to such a level that this mere symptom needs to be treated right in time before it starts damaging other body parts. Also, since this pain is related to leg pain, it is often confused with cramps or pain in the legs. Usually, people who suffer from sciatica, find it difficult to stand, walk or do any physical activity for a long time, as the pain is unbearable for them. Some of the common things that take you towards sciatica include numbness in the lower body, pinching feeling or loss of sensation. These issues are generally avoided initially, but for all those people who are dealing with such issues continuously, it is advisable to consult a professional.

If ignored, the problems of Sciatica can lead to serious medical issues like Spondylolisthesis, Spinal stenosis, etc. Since the diagnosis of sciatica is not easy, it is advisable that you consult the therapists and specialists that provide Sciatica treatment in Floral Park NY. One such center that you can completely rely on is the Strategic Physical therapy. Equipped with the best treatment machines and affordable rehab packages, you will find a team of the highly qualified and experienced professionals who provide the most effective diagnosis and treatment services for sciatica. We mainly focus on providing sciatica treatments that include physical therapies and medications, so that you do not have to go for surgical treatments. Our treatments are effective, budget-friendly and as soon as you start taking sessions with our therapists, you will start seeing and experiencing the difference in your pain levels.

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